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I'm on a mission to transform the way we work.

Learn. Lead. Change.

Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meeings


Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings

Bad meetings waste time. They often feel like a distraction from real work and are typically the result of poor planning, poor execution, or both. This book will enable you to implement practices that will make meetings propel your work forward. Learn more.

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I help leaders, teams and organizations unlock their potential, transform the way they work and make a sustainable impact. 

I'm the Change Management and Customer Success Lead at Meeteor, a collaboration company on a mission to build strong,  healthy culture and thriving organizations. 


As a learner, facilitator, and change-maker, I bring the lens of learning, behavioral science, and organizational change to help teams be more successful at integrating new ways of working and strengthening culture. 



SkilL building
Tai at Conference

I design workshops, online courses, behavior change challenges, and other resources to help you learn, develop and apply team collaboration skills. Topics include effective meeting practices, understanding work styles and preferences, building a thriving team, career development and more.

Team coaching
Tai leading workshops

Effective teamwork is critical to your organization's success. Through Meeteor's Thriving Teams program, I work closely with your entire team to learn, reflect and take actions on topics such as understanding team members, identifying team purpose, values and strengths as well as developing new ways of working.

Thought Leadership
Tai giving a talk

I write to help drive actions. Topics I usually write about include meeting effectiveness, high performance teams, organizational change and workplace culture. You can find my articles on the Meeteor blog, Medium and LinkedIn Pulse.



Momentum Book

My book Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meeting is now on Amazon. My amazing colleague Mamie Kanfer Stewart, CEO of Meeteor, and I wrote this book to help people transform their meeting experiences and outcomes. 

Through our work at Meeteor, we’ve heard from hundreds of people about their best and worst meetings. In this book, you'll learn about how effective meetings can propel work forward. Its contents come from extensive research conducted on the subject, as well as our own personal, widely diverse experiences in the business world.

"We truly believe meetings should create momentum that moves your work forward. When people leave a meeting, they should be energized and ready to put the outputs into action.


Too many meetings—especially poorly run ones—stop work in its tracks, but this no longer has to be a fact everyone simply accepts. Regardless of your organization, team or role, you have the power to create meetings that build momentum."

We’re devoted to introducing new ways of working and helping people integrate them with their daily work. This is not an ordinary meeting how-to guide. It's for leaders and change-makers to transform the way they work, starting with meetings.

Bill Pasmore PhD 

Professor of Practice at Columbia University, Author of Leading Continuous Change

The next time you’re sitting there feeling like your time is being wasted, throw your copy of Momentum on the table and shout, ‘Let’s do something about our meetings. The answers are here; we just have to try them!’ 

Yael Zofi

Virtual Teams Expert, Author of
A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams,
CEO of AIM Strategies® Consulting

Momentum is chock-full of practices that will improve any virtual team’s meetings. Stewart and Tsao address many of the common problems virtual teams experience with their meetings and provide practical advice to solve these challenges and more.”

Paul White PhD

Author of The Vibrant Workplace, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, and other books

Momentum provides a thorough guide showing both experienced and developing leaders the core elements for designing and leading meetings that will be effective and will avoid the ‘death by meeting’ habits we have all learned to hate. A great resource for leaders in every type of organization!”

Carissa Reiniger

Founder & CEO of Silver Lining, author of Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Every small business owner's number one issue is they don't have enough time. Most of their time is spent in meetings and most of those meetings are totally ineffective. Momentum is such a great resource to business owners for learning how to run better and shorter meetings that create results.

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I enjoy writing about meeting effectiveness, high performance teams, organizational change and workplace culture. These topics are my life's passion and I learn more about them through writing. You can find my articles on the Meeteor blog, Medium and LinkedIn Pulse.


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